Biopol 2024
Universidad de Alicante
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9th International Conference on Bio-based and Biodegradable Polymers
Biopol 2022
+34 96 590 3793
Important dates


1st and 2nd BIOPOL were organized in Alicante (Spain) in October 2007 and 2009. BIOPOL-2011 was held in Strasbourg (France), BIOPOL-2013 in Rome (Italy), BIOPOL-2015 in Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain), BIOPOL-2017 in Mons (Belgium) and BIOPOL-2019 in Stockholm (Sweden), while the first conference after the COVID-19 pandemics went back to Alicante in November 2022, where the BIOPOL series of conferences was born.
All these previous conferences were successful, with more than 250 researchers from around the world presenting their latest results on this field, indicating the current growing interest for the specific topics addressed.
The success of the previous editions aimed us to organize this 9th edition to be held in Coimbra (Portugal). We look forward to meeting you in Coimbra next July.

María del Carmen Garrigós - Alfonso Jiménez - Artur J M Valente (co-chairs BIOPOL-2024)


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